Do i Need a Wedding Planner?

Do i Need a Wedding Planner?
You have been proposed to and now preparations must begin. Brace yourself for probably one of the most stressful experiences in life! Needless to say that you will be faced with more questions and even more options that you could humanly prepare yourself for. Be it your significant other, your family, friends or in-laws, be prepared for an overwhelming amount of advice and requirements to be met.
Sooner than you might expect, you will start asking yourself: 

“Do I need a wedding planner or can I do this on my own? How much worse can it get”

The answer is:
Much worse unless you plan ahead!

Experience has shown that people often consider the expenses associated with a professional wedding planner as an unnecessary cost that can be easily avoided by taking matters in their own hands or even with the help of a friend, a relative or any other volunteering third party. Whereas you all have your very own set of skills and probably enough people that care enough about you to devote their entire attention for the following 6-12 months to plan your wedding, you can’t help but ask yourself: do they have the expertise or the contacts to successfully outsource the relevant services?

Do they have the stamina, the management skills to coordinate all parties and the attitude to treasure the most important day of your life? More importantly, will they be plenty enough and available at all times to deal with every issue that comes up? Don’t forget that you only get one chance for that perfect wedding day! Whom will you trust to help you conceive it, plan it and execute it for you?

To some, the cost of a wedding planner may seem more than part of the problem than the solution itself, however, no couple that trusted in an accomplished wedding planner never regretted delegating the planning of the most important day of their life to an experienced professional. There is no substitute for the sheer amount of advice they have to offer, the plethora of third-party suppliers at their disposal (i.e. photographers, DJs, hair stylists etc.) nor their problem-solving attitude that ensures that no crisis will ever ruin your wedding day.

Did you know that it takes more than 25 different kinds of professionals to deliver that perfect wedding? Or that more than 6 months of careful preparation is needed? Are you willing to put in the 10 hours of hard planning every week required for your wedding day? But above all, are you willing to sacrifice your peace of mind, go through endless emails, prepare guests lists, send out invitations, prepare seating arrangements all the while keeping an eye on your budget?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, things can get even more complicated since those little and deceivingly insignificant details start pilling up: How many RSVPs are there? Who is in charge of handing out the rice and who will collect the wedding gifts? Who will make sure that the venue is ready for your arrival and who will gather you family for that post-wedding picture? Do you really want to worry about all those little things when your attention should only be on how to look dazzling on your most important day as a couple?

Why not trust in a professional wedding planner to take the burden off your shoulders, to give you much needed advice, to coordinate suppliers, to respond to emails, while you sit back and enjoy the ride as you should?

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important and memorable experiences you will ever live – make the most of it!

What do you think, do you need a wedding planner or not?