A wedding fairytale

A wedding fairytale

Once upon a time there was a loving couple, Marina and George.

They were very much in love with each other and as they were expecting their firstborn, they decided to consummate their love with a subtly elegant wedding.

They chose Loutraki, a picturesque seaside resort on the Corinthian Gulf, not that far away from where Beautiful Helen of the Trojan War was allegedly taking her beauty baths.


Inspired by local history and Greek Mythology, Marina and George decided to complement the cozy family atmosphere of their wedding with floral decorations in olive green.

Marina was breathtaking in her beautifully pleated silk wedding dress. She wore a corsage around her wrist and a floral headpiece that add a touch of subtle elegance in her entire look.

Once the ceremony was over and the anxiety gone, Marina and George stopped to appreciate the sunset on their way to the wedding reception. Their life as a wedded couple was just starting!

They danced the night away and lived happily ever after, celebrating with friends and family till sunrise!